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Gather friends for a watch party, view our recorded panel discussion and use our discussion guide to support your conversations.

Host Watch Party

Watching a film with others is one of the best ways to take your experience beyond the screen and to explore the themes more deeply. We encourage you to host a watch party of The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone with your family and friends on Netflix.

You can get together in person at one another’s houses or you can watch remotely but together online.

If you are organising a watch party for friends or colleagues remotely, you can do this remotely with Teleparty. Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) is a new free way to watch TV with your friends online. Teleparty synchronises video playback and adds group chat to Netflix.

Grab some popcorn, some tissues and be ready to discuss the film afterwards. We are sure you’ll have a lot to reflect on, but if you want some conversation starters take a look at this discussion guide.

And please help us spread the word about the film and encourage others to hold watch parties! You can find social media graphics to download and share here.

Discussion Guide

The beautiful thing about watching a film with other people is the ability to discuss, self-reflect, and share thoughts and experiences - which is integral to promoting understanding and change.

Transcend Australia and the Dreamlife team have partnered together to produce a discussion guide as a starting point for post-film discussion. We encourage you to gather with friends or family, host a watch party and use this guide. Download a version here, or read the guide below.

Introduction from Georgie
Play Georgie’s introduction before you view the film at your watch party event, or in-person screening.
Introduction from Georgie (health sector screenings)
Host a screening at your workplace to open a conversation about gender-affirming care, play this beautiful video introduction from Georgie before your watch party, or in-person event.
Panel Discussion
Watch this Q&A panel recorded at the Australian Launch to get a deeper understanding of the making of the film and key themes in the movie. A great addition to your watch party.
Take Action Now
  1. Go to to support Georgie’s change goals

  2. Donate to Transcend Australia, or a local organisation advocating for or supporting trans, non-binary and gender diverse young people 

  3. Host a watch party of the film with your family and friends. If you are organising a watch party for friends or colleagues remotely, you can do this remotely with Teleparty:

You can read more answers from Georgie, Beck, Dr Michelle Telfer and the film team here.