Goal 1

Support trans youth and their families to access health care and support services

The two biggest key protective factors for trans, gender diverse and non-binary young people are timely access to gender affirming healthcare and a supportive family.

1. Timely Access to gender affirming healthcare requires adequate funding to gender services and appropriately trained staff. Trans young people deserve access to quality and timely gender affirming healthcare close to where they live, in every state and territory as well as regional and rural areas.

2. Family support is a critical protective factor and trans young people do better when they have family acceptance. However, families need access to specialist support from trans family support organisations, such as Transcend Australia, which require appropriate funding.

Take Action

Email your State MP

Write a letter to your State MP (except if you live in Victoria as they are doing such a good job already) asking them to fund gender affirming health services in your State / Territory to ensure there is accessible healthcare and family support serivces for trans young people.

Here is some template text to help you write. Please edit as you wish.

Donate to Transcend

Donate to family support organisation, Transcend Australia, which was founded by Rebekah Robertson, Georgie's mother.

Donate here

Learn more

Learn more about the detailed changes being called for by reading this Churchill Fellowship policy paper by Transcend Australia’s Executive Officer, Jeremy Wiggins. If you’re a policy maker or campaigner this one is for you!

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